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What is the difference between your typical car wash vs a mobile auto detailer?

The age old question of what is the difference between the two is a great debate to be had. AA majority of the population I would imagine thinks that mobile auto detailing is the same thing as taking it to your local car wash while in reality, there is a HUGE difference. The main difference here would be the attention to detail and quality of service you are going to get when hiring a detailer.

Time and time again after services clients vehicles they are blown away by the results and they always have a common theme of referring to how much better it looks than from the time they took it to the car wash to get detailed at a bay. The thing about car washes is this, they are trying to crank out as many cars as possible and so what that means for the customer, is that they are not going to receive as a thorough cleaning as they would normally with a mobile auto detailer.

Mobile auto detailers do come with a premium though which also goes back to the original point of it taking a lot longer when a professional detailer does it. Through my life as a business owner and working with other business professionals I have learned one key rule of thumb. You can have something with 2 qualities but you can not have all 3.

You can have it. 1. Fast 2.Cheap 3.Good You can pick 2 of them but you can not have them all 3. In the case of our typical corner car wash, you are getting fast and cheap, but it won't be good.

As with any service based provider, having a good one is worth their weight in gold. Having a good auto detailer who not only makes it very easy for you because they go to your location, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that the Job is going to be done correctly every single time. Next time you are shopping around for a mobile auto detailer, don't just go based off their price because like any business niche, there are bad apples too. My recommendation would be to ask folks you know for referrals and give them a try! OR also look for highly rated detailers (like us!) to help guide you on who you should hire out.

Best of luck on the search!

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