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What is included in our wash and wax service?

So you are looking to get your exterior cleaned up and have stumbled upon our wash and wax service.

This service is perfect for those looking to add some shine and protection to their paint to help preserve it for the years to come.

Our wash process is quite simple.

First we will preform a

Pre-rinse: In the pre rinse phase, our goal is to remove as much surface dirt as possible, the last thing we want to do while rubbing your car with our wash mitts is to push the dirt into the paint and scratch your clear coat so this is an important step

Foam hand wash: Then, we will spray your car with a high quality foam and begin washing your vehicle with high quality wash mitts. We will use the proper wash techniques to ensure we do not introduce any type of scratches to the paint. We will work from top to bottom as the bottom of the car will be the most dirty when compared to the top.

Clay Bar: Next, we will preform a clay bar treatment on the vehicle. The purpose of the clay bar is to remove any embedded contaminates that are stuck on your vehicles paint. Over time, things like industrial fall out, tree sap, oxidation and more begin attacking your clear coat and get stuck on the paint. The clay bar will help remove these from the car.

Wax: After the car has been dried, we will then hand apply a layer of cream wax. This wax will then help protect the paint from further contamination and be a sacrificial layer of protection. The wax will last somewhere between 6-8 weeks depending on how the car is cared for. For vehicles that are garage kept and only driven on weekends, you can expect the wax to last a lot longer than the vehicle that is daily driven and parked outside in the elements.

Wheels/Tires: Your wheels and tires will be cleaned as well. On our wash and wax service, your wheels will receive a deeper clean with the addition of cleaning the wheel barrel. The barrel is the part of the wheel behind the face that you see when looking at the wheel. Barrels pack on a lot of dirt and brake dust because of the shape of the wheel and must cleaned often. With our set of tools, we will clean the barrel to as best as possible as well as the face to keep the wheels looking right and providing a nice gloss to the tires.

Exterior Trim: Any exterior trim will also be cleaned and dressed to provide a like new look. Due to the sun, most cars have faded black trim and makes the car look a lot older than it really should. We add a trim shine to the trims to give them a nice finishing touch look to the car before we complete the detail.

Windows: To finish the detail off, we will clean the windows from the exterior to give the car the last part of the cleaning it needs.

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