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Should I wash my car in the winter?

During the summer, is when most detailers will tell you its the busiest. Which makes sense! Most people want their cars to look clean when its sunny out and the sun provides the light to really see the true condition of a cars paint.

What seems funny is that during the winter, most people seem to forget to clean their cars regularly and that's also when car detailers will notice a slow down in their businesses.

It makes sense, it is a lot more difficult to wash your car in the winter especially in areas where the temps get really low. Luckily for us here in California, we do not see drastic changes in temperatures like some other states see in their climates.

Wash it at least once a month

As professional auto detailers, we will recommend that you wash your cars regularly. While we will agree that washing your vehicles in the cold is not the best experience but if you are looking to preserve you cars paint, you should still wash it. You can either look at the weather to see what day would make the most sense to clean it or see when the temp is expected to be the highest to wash the car.

At least once a month is great because the car won't get too dirty and full of grime so when its time to clean it won't be too hard to remove everything on the car.


Most peoples main concern when thinking about washing their cars when its cold is exactly that, that its going to be freezing. Us detailers still need to pay our bills so you can imagine that we have an idea on how to still be able to wash the car. So what you can do is property dress for the occasion and wash the car more carefully. In the summer, its fun to spray yourself with the water because its realitivly hot. In the winter, the last thing you want to do is spray yourself with water because its just going to make the cold worse. So be careful when spraying the water. Another thing you can do in preparation on detailing your car in the cold is to get the proper footwear. We recommend water boots so that your normal cloth shoes don't get soaked up and wet making your feet cold.

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