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Looking to get into car detailing?

Like many others alike, being their own boss sounds like a good idea right? It is! But there are things you should know before jumping ship into this venture that most people don't realize until after its too late.

Most people aspiring to be a mobile auto detailer and think they right away need to get the best equipment out there and that's simply not the case. I know of people who started simply with a bucket and a wash mitt and hose. The reality is, you can start with whatever you have at the time and there is no right or wrong way to start detailing cars.

There are a couple of ways to learn but on this post we will go over how we got started here at Evany Mobile Detail because like many others, there are good times and bad times during the journey.


For the most part, most of the folks I know doing auto detailing learned on their own. And that can mean a ton of things like learning on YouTube, learning through shadowing other detailers, or first working at a dealership as a auto detailer and moving to your own business once you have an idea what to do.

My recommendation for folks is YouTube. We have an opportunity that so many others before us do not. Internet. On the internet nowadays, you can learn how to do anything and mobile auto detailing is not different.

Learning the proper wash methods is not rocket science and the barrier to entry is not high, Like mentioned, all you need is the basic equipment to start doing washes.

After you've watched a couple of videos on watching how to properly wash a car, try practicing on your own vehicle or those of your family members. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help and support you on the journey and it never hurts to ask.


While I haven't gone down this route myself, taking a detailing class in person is another wonderful way to learn how to detail.

The things about taking a class is that obviously that's going to cost you some money to get started and for some that might not be an option so like mentioned above, if you are not able to take classes right away, learn free on YouTube and then after you have some customers down and some money to spend, you could learn how to do high ticket items like paint correction through a course in person just in case that level of detailing is something you would rather learn hands on.

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