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Car detailing: Using APC

In the car detailing world, the all purpose cleaner is def one of the few Swiss Army knife products that can give you tons of versilitiy in your detailing arsenal.

And if you ever had the chance to see us work on our detailing clients cars, you'd know that we love our APC ( all refer to it as APC from this point forward ). The reason car detailers love APC's is because of the range of use we get from them.

1 gallon of concentrated APC can make SO MANY spray bottles of different level of strength solutions. You can use it in the interior or you can use it on exterior which makes this one of our top detailing chemicals to have for professional detailers or at home detailers.

Interior uses

This is probably where our APC sees the most use. When its time to detail a heavily soiled or even highly dirty interior, more times than not, we are pulling out the trust APC.

  1. Using it to clean leather or cloth seats. If you go to auto detailing stores or your local car parts store, you'll see that there are tons of different types of cleaners for the interior. You can forget all those and just use an APC for an all in one cleaner.

2. Use is as a wipe down method to get the surface dust off of the panels in the interior, this will be perfect for those looking to use something for more of a maintenance cleaner.

Exterior uses

The exterior has a bit more uses than the interior does but still we use it in the interior more.

3. Engine cleaner - when it comes to cleaning the engine compartment, the APC again takes the cake. It can break down oils and other plastic areas from the dirt and grime to then bring a clean look once the cleaning is complete.

4. Wheels and tires - Some detailers will argue on deciding on what chemical to use based off what wheel they are working on. But we have used APC on HUNDREDS of wheels with no issues ranging from Toyota Priuses to Ferraris.

5. Removing bug guys and bird poo - APC can easily remove any bug guts to make the cleaning process a lot easier on the foam wash.

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