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North Hollywood's Premier Paint Correction Specialists

Restore your paints shine by removing the imperfections

Remove the swirls and get the most gloss and clarity from your paint

Our level 2 paint correction service aims to remove 90% of paint imperfections, swirls, and scratches from the paint. This is where we do an intense correction consisting of compound and polish called "2-step" correction, to achieve the best clarity and gloss from the paint. 

Depending on the condition regardless if the car is new or not. Not ALL scratches will come out. It could be that the scratches are just too deep or the paint has been removed completely so its not possible to correct.

If you are wondering, yes even if you have a new car that is only a couple months off the lot can use a 2 step correction. Scratches are not created by age, they are created by improper wash and drying techniques and chances are the car even if brand new has been cleaned a couple of times since the factory.

The level 2 paint correction is a commitment to your making to your vehicle. If you like to keep the shine on your paint, you have to properly wash and dry it even after we do this service. You can easily put back all those swirl marks and scratches shortly after getting it serviced. 

If you are prepping the car to get sold for the next buyer, our level 1 paint correction could be a better fit but again its all up to what you are trying to achieve.








The Following Items Depending On Severity Are Subject To Additional Charges
Excessive Dirt
Lifted Trucks
Excessive Tree Sap
Excessive Tar
Waterspot Removal
Paint Correction FAQ's
Do you offer ceramic coatings?

Yes we do! We offer 2 year ceramic coatings at an additional cost to the desired service.

Whats the difference between wax and a paint correction?

Wax only helps protect paint and sometimes helps FILL scratches temporarily. Paint correction is a longer process in which the clear coat is polished and the scratches are REMOVED versus just being filled.

How long do the results last?

This is really up to the customer. If you go wash the car through an automatic car wash you will reintroduce al the same swirls that were just removed. You will need to wash and dry the car property to ensure the scratches stay off. It's impossible to keep the paint forever perfect. But with the right methods, you can keep it looking good for a long time.

Do you have a shop?

For our level 2 paint correction and our ceramic coating service. We do require clients to drop off their vehicles at our garage location to properly control the environment as best as possible.

Our Customer Reviews 

"Called Evany mobile detail to service my 2002 chevy tahoe.
They were able to bring the car back to life and were absolutely amazing with their service. I would recommend them to any family or friends that ask for detailing services going forward.
Thanks again Danny and Evelyn!"

-Engracia P

"I had my car detailed inside and out and it was an amazing experience! Every corner of my car was cleaned. I have two kids and my car hasn’t had much love for years. It looked brand new after their service! They explained everything they were going to do and gave me a full run down when they were done. It was super easy to book, and they reminded me as the date got closer."

-Karla Z

If You Still Have Questions, Our FAQ Can Clear Some Questions Up.

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