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Have Questions? Don't Worry, You're Not Alone.

Detailing Lingo Can Be A Bit Overwhelming, So We Have Provided Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions To Help You.

We Also Have A General FAQ & Interior FAQ.

If You Still Have Questions After, Give Us A Call And We Can Address Any Concerns You May Have.

How Long Does Wash & Wax Take?

This Answer Is Dependent On Size & Condition Of Vehicle. Typically This Service Takes 1.5-2.5 Hours.

Can I Clay Bar My Car Every Wash?

NO! Clay Bar Is Abrasive And Should NOT Be Done Very Often. Once Or Twice A Year Should Be Enough.

How Do You Dry The Car After A Wash?

We Use A Powerful Air Blower To Get A Majority Of The Water Off. We Try To Minimize Contact With The Vehicle.

To Get The Lingering Water, We Use A Premium Microfiber Cloth.

Do You Provide A Waterless Wash?

Yes, Dependant On Situation, We Use Waterless Washes As Well.

How Often Should I Detail The Exterior?

We Recommend Once Or Twice A Year To Keep Your Car Looking Best.

Can I Drive My Car Right After An Exterior Detail?

You Could, Be We Don't Recommend It. We Ask For A 30 Minute Dry Time To Make Sure Nothing Sling Back Onto Your Freshly Cleaned Vehicle.

What Lasts Longer? Sealant Or Wax?

Sealants Last Longer, But Wax Gives A Deeper Shine.

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